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Stock your break room to
save time and money
Almost 25% of employees will leave the office for 15 minutes per day if appropriate refreshments are not offered.
Fast delivery Next-Day* delivery on our huge selection of products with pinpoint delivery. Exactly what you need, exactly where you need it.
The way to your employees' hearts
is through their stomachs
Providing complimentary beverages and snacks not only boosts overall job satisfaction and makes workers feel valued, but also improves productivity.

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W.B. Mason's break room supplies are delivered same-day or next-day at no additional charge. The break room category includes coffee & k-cups, coffee brewers, water, water coolers, tea, fresh market, food & snacks, plates & bowls, napkins & dispensers, utensils, creamers & milk, condiments, and more! Our break room supplies are ideal for offices, schools, industrial parks, foodservice, retail, state and government buildings, and commercial properties.

As a B2B supplier, W.B. Mason excels at bulk-load and day-to-day deliveries. Whether you need 5 cartons of coffee, 250 cases of plates and utensils, or 10,000 pieces of candy, W.B. Mason is the best distributor for your company.

We partner with the top manufacturers such as Georgia-Pacific, Dixie®, Keurig® Commercial, Green Mountain® Coffee Roasters, Nestle® Professional, Nestle® Waters, Nestle® 5 Gallon, Coca-Cola®, Pepsi®, Frito Lay®, Hershey®, MARS Wrigley, Starbucks®, Lipton® Tea, Twinings® Tea, and more! This ensures that we have the break room and cafe products you want at the level of service you deserve.

W.B. Mason employs a local customer service strategy; the people helping you are within an earshot of your zip code. It is the goal of our sales and service teams to provide you with the best possible solution as quickly as possible.

W.B. Mason offers an interior design service if you are looking to redesign or create a new break room. And remember, you can always use our live web chat if you have any break room, cafe, foodservice, or general questions.

Why should I stock my office breakroom?

Providing complimentary beverages and snacks not only boosts overall job satisfaction, but it makes workers feel valued and improves overall productivity. Check out our great selection of food and snacks which include healthy, energizing options as well as more indulgent delights. Looking to fill the fruit bowl? Take a look at our fresh market! We also carry a full assortment of gluten free, nut free, vegan, and kosher options for anyone on your team with dietary restrictions.

Do you have items for my pantry at home?

Absolutely we do! Snack bags for young and old make a great addition to your pantry. And everyone needs some chocolate or other candy at varying points throughout the day. Don't forget the cold beverages such as juice, water, or soda, although you'll likely want those in your fridge. Stock up on food and beverage items to power you and your family through the day. Our coffee selection is everything you'll need, and then some. Fill up your pantry today!

What else, aside from food, do I need in my break room?

At W.B. Mason we provide everything you need for your break room. In addition to food products, we offer a wide variety of break room disposables and appliances. Coffee cups have a number of accessories you may want, and we have plenty of plates and bowls to choose from. Don't forget napkins and containers to hold leftovers! Check out our wide range of products to make your break room stand out from the competition.